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Tilcare Urinals for Men

It is possible, if you do not use the highest temperature setting, but the hanger connecting the lid to the body may become deformed and break faster. To avoid these possible issues, we suggest you wash it with some warm water and soap.

Yes, please pay attention to screw the lid on tightly to ensure a good seal that will prevent any urine leakage.

The urinals are made of thick high quality HDPE plastic, that will outlast any cheap flimsy plastic urinal out there.

Tilcare Ear Cleaning Kit

A) It is important you pay attention to the instructions carefully, these are just the most important points. It is best to perform the cleaning with the help of somebody around. Make sure you use LUKEWARM water to try to minimize the chance of dizziness. Always assume a seated position in case dizziness occurs. Fill the bottle with 1 part white vinegar and 4 parts water OR 1 part OTC (3%) hydrogen peroxide and 4 parts water and use that as the irrigation solution.

B) Insert the tip gently into the ear and make sure the length of the tip is good for your ear size, keep in mind you can always shorten it.

C) Always irrigate pressing the tip to the side of the ear canal so the solution flows along the wall of the canal, never straight into the ear.

D) The blockage may not loosen immediately, so you may need to refill the bottle and repeat the process.

Short term dizziness is a possible side effect and is nothing to worry about. If you used LUKEWARM water and assumed a sitting position while washing the ear, you did everything correctly. It should pass quickly.

In case you ear hurts during the cleaning it is mostly likely infected and you should discontinue use and consult a doctor immediately.